27 March 2007

Pictures as I promised

Here are the pictures I said I would post from Portland. They span Monday morning to Tuesday (today) morning. Ignore the pictures of parts of buildings, since those are mostly just my own personal indulgence. I have stories from my trip up to Canada today, but I'll save those for tomorrow. It feels like I'm in another country more than I thought it would, but that's neither good nor bad; just an observation. The view from my hotel room is insane and I wish I had the energy right now to sift through all the pictures I took on my trip today, but it'll have to wait until tomorrow. So far, Vancouver is much cleaner than Portland and there are many more attractive people and minorities (read: ASIANS), and it hasn't rained yet, which is always good. I think the biking around so much, especially in hilly areas, is taking it's toll and I've been feeling really tired today so I think I'm going to forgo going out tonight (can I say go that many times in a row?), and go to sleep early so I have energy to do stuff tomorrow. Enjoy the pictures and please, comment, so I know people are looking at this thing :)


Michael said...

the homeless dude looks like he should be named "clancy."

if you want a beautiful place to relax, i suggest mountain view.
they have a newer monument to infants, it looks cute.

i also think you should find a quebecois diner. food from the area is heavy, just like ukrainian, but its doused in maple syrup unlike anything you'll taste from mrs. butterworth. i suggest the crepes with ham, gruyere, and maple syrup.

and you'll be in heaven if you're lucky enough to find tire sur la neige.


have fun and safe travels.


NOODI said...

I'm happy that you crossed into Canada without any problem.
Stumptown Coffee house looked very stumpy! Can't wait to taste the coffee.

The flowers & trees are fantastic!
I wish you show me the picture of your donut! but it might gross me out.


Anonymous said...

Ok - do you really think it's safe to take pictures while you are driving in the car?!

Also, the crazy lady with the multi-colored hair holding dollar bills--now what were you doing with her? And who is she??

My favorite is the singing doggie :) Later!